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What is PEMF?
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) is a non toxic, non invasive, natural healing modality that exercises and rehabilitates drained and damaged cells.  Imagine every cell in your body as a fresh grape; healthy, vibrant and alive.  Now imagine the cell as a raisin – once a vibrant grape, now drained of all its vitality.  This illustration of cellular decay is similar to what happens as our cells can no longer receive vital water, minerals and other nutrients.  Disease manifests when impaired nutrient flow and waste accumulation inhibits the cell’s natural repair cycle.  PEMF cellular exercise delivers safe and effective bio-compatible  electromagnetic pulses by penetrating the cell walls causing them to expand and contract. Exercising the cell in this manner speeds up the body’s self healing ability and restores proper cell voltage for optimal cellular function.

Harold Saxton Burr, PhD, Professor of anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine researched the electrical fields of organisms and pubrs on biological electricity. (1932-1956)  Dr. Burr discovered that measurable imbalances in the electrical filed of an organ precede the onset of pathology.  “If the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest.”



Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, author of Healing is Voltage explained how optimal health is always defined by the voltage of our cells stating, “The cells in the body are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts.  To heal by making new cells, we must achieve -50 millivolts.  We get chronically sick when voltage drops below -20 millivolts.”  “With enough voltage and raw materials, the body can heal almost anything.”

You can read over 1,000 peer-reviewed abstracts on PEMF. Go to Home – PubMed – NCBI and search for PEMF or www.pemfinco.com


Home – PubMed – NCBI

PubMed comprises more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full…

Who Can Benefit from PEMF? Everyone!
PEMF is for anyone who wants to have more energy, to ease chronic aches and pains, or to feel more grounded and relaxed.

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Disclaimer:  High intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields is not intended for treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease or condition.  It is each individual’s responsibility to consult with their health care provider to determine if PEMF is right for them.  Persons with electrical implants of nay kind cannot use PEMF.